our motley crew

Here are our fabulous, fun, crazy, talented, fun, goofy, amazing, fun peeps.
We look forward to meeting you at our next gig!  



Russ Todd

Inside Russ' head you will likely find the sound of silence, or the sound of acappella music. If you spot him staring off in the distance, he is likely caught in a mental vocal percussion riff or looping harmony. Disrupt at your own risk, understanding you may then be forced to watch a YouTube video of a random person overdubbing 50 vocal parts to an 80's rock song. A Chicago area native and former member of the U. Illinois Xtension Chords, Russ is thrilled to get back his acappella roots with LSJ!


Stotland Headshot.jpg

Hanna Stotland

Hanna started singing with the Chicago Children's Choir when she was seven and is still struggling with the habit. She's had stints with the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones, the Collegium Musicum, and the Kuumba Singers. She spent lots of time when she should have been studying as the Music Director of the Harvard Law School Parody. She has also enjoyed critiquing other people's hard work as a member of the Recorded A Cappella Review Board and as a judge for the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. Hanna is one of the world's leading Jewish atheists in the singing of obscure Christmas carols in the original languages with multi-part harmony. ("Célébrons la Naissance," anyone? Anyone?). Hanna is a former lawyer and an educational and career consultant with a national client base. If you want to get your kid into college, call her for some good advice. If you want to get your kid into law school, call her for some dire warnings.



Annie Jarzembowski

A vocal music dropout and communication graduate of Michigan State University, Annie is a Motown and long-time Chicago resident. After realizing that people love to tell her their personal problems, she naturally decided to get an MSW from Loyola Chicago in order to become a therapist and actually get paid for it! Annie was bit by the music bug while tap-dancing in high school show choir and singing alto in her school's vocal jazz ensemble, The Left Side of the Boulevard. Annie's musical loves span from 90's hip hop to Motown, soul, and early sacred music. Whether its elevator music, the radio, someone singing in the shower, or classic opera, she always sings the harmony. In addition to LSJ, Annie loves to spend free time with her Brady Bunch family of siblings, steps, in-laws, furbabies and her spike baby. Yes, that would be a hedgehog. 


Saumit Sahi

Saumit no want to kill you. No want to kill you. But Saumit need spear back. Why you take Saumit spear? Saumit spear no fine spear, only good in Saumit hand. Saumit no have spear, Saumit no feed clan. Clan hungry. Clan hungry, clan eat you. Clan full, clan not eat you. Saumit need spear back. You use spear for teachy exhibit. Teachy exhibit no objective, teachy only man savage aspects. Saumit will be moving on this fall to new tribe to receive his masters in spearheading business.



Rob Snyder

Rob is in his third tour of duty with LSJ.  Originally from Eureka, Illinois, Rob bleeds Orange & Blue (Illini) and socializes Purple (Northwestern).  Rob enjoys being a student of Improv, a teacher of Salsa and Bachata, and trying to apply a cappella themes of harmony to save Corporate America from itself via his day gig in Change Management and Sales Strategy.



Emily Newhouse Dillingham

Emily was in LSJ in 2006-2012, and recently rejoined! Earlier, she also had stints with the University of Virginia's First Year Players, DC's Vox Populi, and Northwestern's Wigmore Follies and Habeas Chorus. She sang alto through college, soprano originally in Jive, and mostly alto now - except for when she sings tenor. Emily lives in Albany Park with her family and dog, and she loves bad movies - preferably about high schoolers, dancing, or high schoolers dancing. When she's not singing with Jive, Emily practices yoga and law.



Andy Mayka

We adopted Laura's better half to join our motley crew. He is fabulous...just like his better half!


Kouri Akagi

New to Lake Shore Jive, Kouri is definitely a bass with nuance and depth and not just a random person grunting and calling it "art." When Kouri isn't rhythmically emoting / singing he is busy being a 20th grader and befriending all the regulars at his local coffee shop. On the rare occasions he isn’t singing or being a bad student, Kouri is known to be bad at swing dancing, disappointing his coaches at the gym, or suffering through a board game that he clearly lost 10 turns ago.



Melissa Shubalis Moulden

Melissa is a mommy by day, and a singing machine by night. She's been an alto in LSmfJ for a while now, but it’s a mystery exactly how old she was when she joined... 18 perhaps. Aside from helping to musically direct this extremely talented (and dashingly attractive) a cappella group that rocks her world, Melissa sings in a few cover bands in her "spare" time. Needless to say, she doesn’t sleep much. You might see her singing at someone’s wedding in the super fun Euphoria Band, or rocking her newest endeavor - an Alanis Morrissette tribute band called Jagged Little Pill. She's also performed as a member of the Apollo Chorus, BeatVox, and several other bands including The Hookups, The Andrew Blake Band, Pirate Radio, Raise Your Glass, Wingman, U.F.C. Band, Seven Soul, and Voices, to name a few. Melissa's Greek name means love, and she has many of those, including but not limited to: sushi, good gluten-free beer, bacon, La Pasadita’s steak tacos, caramel ice cream (are we sensing a trend here?)... her hubby, Chandler Bing (those are meant to be read separately, heh)... and of course, her two wonderful kids!



Hunter Wilson

Our youngest cohort, Hunter, is an energetic vocal percussionist who thinks he’s a much better dancer than he actually is. When he’s not making funny noises with his mouth in Jive, he can be found making funny noises with his mouth at the beach, at a bar, or on an adventure. He is a libra who enjoys long walks on the beach, music, movies, ciders, board games, and karaoke. His never-ending quest for finding the best taco in Chicago is what drives him to live his life. Hunter has successfully committed 4 acts of piracy and says that his biggest regret is not investing in a BitCoin mine in 2011 when no one knew what BitCoin was.


Tim Molsky

A midlife crisis recently brought Tim back to a cappella 20 years since defeating John Legend's group at Carnegie Hall on the night that inspired Pitch Perfect. Broken from no legal claim to either the movies or Legend's hits and a failed audition to replace Lionel Richie in the Commodores, Tim shifted his career from gracing the New York Times music spread to modeling spreadsheets.  Though he excels in finance, Tim could no longer hide from his past. Look out Legend, all of me is back!



Judi Riley

We haven't seen Julie Andrews for a while. That's because she has created a new secret life as a designer in an obscure midwestern toddling town near a (great) lake and joined a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious a cappella group. She now goes by the name of Judi, named after the Saint of Hopeless Cases who she prays to anytime she is given an arrangement that requires her to sing above, or anywhere near a high C. "Judi" has a very short roommate named Jessi, who takes Judi out for a walk three times a day but for some reason has not been able to teach her any new tricks. Judi does, however sport a killer hands-free cab whistle! A few of her favorite things include hugs, people who can laugh at themselves, LSJ witching-hour email conversations, The Voice, saying the word "arugula", and of course, outfits made out of curtains worn high on a hill with a lonely goatherd.



Laura Mayka

Laura Kingsbury is not to be trifled with. The woman has "swimmer shoulders" (NOTE: This photo is not Laura). She can drink you under the table. (NOTE: This photo is not Laura). She is an Evans Scholar - go ahead, ask her about Dando, Bayh, or Rachel Wood.