LSJ - The Prelude

Two Boston grads enjoying the Windy City decided they missed singing too much. Time to invent a brand new a cappella motley crew!  Ed Peck and Micaela Kim (Fisher) placed an ad in the local Chicago Reader and the best was history! A fun, fabulous and talented group of singers joined together to share their love of singing (and having a good time). 

LSJ - The Intro

It took a while to come up with a name—many silly options came up, but finally Lisa Cardonick's bro proposed Lake Shore Jive and it felt perfect!  Our first "professional" performance was in a Magnificent Mile condo building entrance lobby. It was a 6-hour gig commitment, our repertoire consisted of a whopping 10? songs, and...of course, we were dressed in "amusing" Halloween outfits. Needless to say the lessons learned were: 1. Expand the rep! and 2. Hmm...maybe shorten the gig commitment...just a tad...

LSJ - The Journey

Over the past (25!) years we have been blessed with so many (over 60!) amazing singers who have become great friends. Many of whom joined us in 2014 for our 20-yr anniversary reunion show to perform Jive favorites, share great memories and remind us all what a good time we've had, and continue to have, being a part of LSJ.

Each year new friends & opportunities have come along. This year we are excited to have a returning Jivester (Michelle) and our newest voices (Simon & Grace) join in the fun. And there is such a lively a cappella scene in Chicago! We have been honored to gather with our fellow group cohorts for the past few years to team up on a variety of fun shows & fundraisers.